On a Mosque and Misconceptions about Religious Liberty

State representatives from Virginia’s Culpeper County voted a few days ago to block the construction of a mosque. A group of Muslims, currently without any proper worship facility, applied for a sewage system permit to being the construction of a mosque on an abandoned lot. The decision received cheering and applause from county residents at… Read More On a Mosque and Misconceptions about Religious Liberty

The Whiskey War For Arctic Sovereignty

Published by The Odyssey Online on February 2, 2016 – Uncommon to the conventional idea territorial disputes that ordinarily include explosive ordinances, strategic planning, and armed forces, Canada and Denmark are embroiled in a war of whiskey and flag-planting over an uninhabited barren knoll called Hans Island. Canada and Denmark have actively disagreed over the… Read More The Whiskey War For Arctic Sovereignty

The Great American Wall

Published by the Red Millennial on October 29, 2015 – Former Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump is markedly vocal on the failings of status quo immigration policies. Returning America to greatness, according to Trump, largely depends on constructing an enormous wall. What’s more, the project will be funded by the United States’ over-hundred-year ally and… Read More The Great American Wall

Write Better: Use A Thesaurus

Published by The Collegian on October 2, 2015 – Too many students sacrifice peak sleeping hours half-mindedly agonizing over an incomplete, unedited writing assignment. Even the most diligent student occasionally sits at a desk for hours struggling to eloquently transfer ideas from cerebrum to keyboard. But because blood, sweat, tears and exhaustion do not spontaneously… Read More Write Better: Use A Thesaurus